Top 5 Day Trips from Prague with Private Chauffeur at Affordable Price



Exploring the Czech Republic is unforgettable experience. And the first place that comes to mind is Prague. There are hundreds of reasons to visit the iconic and fabulous city of Prague. Though if you consider yourself a curious person who cannot sit in one place, the best recommendation for you will be to use your staying in the Czech Republic to visit not less breathtaking places of the country, such as Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Terezin and others.


The only problem that comes to mind is the difficulty of planning your day trips from Prague to these attraction places and the cost that will affect your budget. But do you know that there is both cost-effective and time-saving way to perform your day trips and take maximum pleasure of your every day in the Czech Republic?




Day Trip from Prague to Český Krumlov


See the fabulous city of Český Krumlov recognized as UNESCO heritage. In company with a personal English-speaking chauffeur with large experience of a guide you will travel across the bohemian countryside. Ancient Church of St. Vitus, world-famous Český Krumlov Castle, the historic town center – the sights of Český Krumlov leave unforgettable footprint in hearts of its visitors.


In the agreed time a personal chauffeur in premium class Mercedes will meet you at the hotel or apartment to take you to an excursion trip to Český Krumlov. Feel free to ask your driver-guide any questions that arise during your trip. Also, you can prolong your trip if needed. Learn more about the trip…



Day Trip from Prague to Kutná Hora


Explore the medieval place of Kutna Hora on your 8-hour sightseeing trip from Prague. Accompanied by your chauffeur-guide, travel in a comfortable Mercedes to watch the 13th-century town famous for silver mines. Among the places to visit there are the UNESCO-listed St Barbara’s Cathedral and the famous bones inside Sedlec Ossuary.


Your 6-hour day trip from Prague to Kutná Hora will start at your hotel where our driver on a premium class Mercedes car will be waiting for you. Thanks to the English-speaking driver with deep knowledge of the place you will not miss nothing worth of visiting. Learn more about the trip…




Day Trip from Prague to Terezin


The place that is impossible to forget and not to respect. Visiting Terezin impresses everyone and stays in hearts forever. Retrace sorrowful story of Jewish prisoners during World War II and pay tribute to the history at the Terezin Memorial build in magnificent Baroque style, which is the only place of its kind in the country.


Start your 6-hour private trip to Terezin at your hotel entrance where a luxury Mercedes will be waiting for you. Take a fully narrated trip, visit all the places in your must-see list and enjoy relaxed return to your place. Learn more about the trip…




Day Trip from Prague to Karlovy Vary


Karlovy Vary is a place synonymous to relaxation, peace and cultural pastime. Mineral springs, scenic castles and striking palaces, mountainous regions and lush gardens - all this as a perfect background for filming meets its visitors in the unique city of Karlovy Vary.


Depart Prague in comfortable black Mercedes with free WiFi and air conditioning. The chauffeur will meet you at the agreed place and time. 6 hours at the destination will permit you explore the abundance of places of interest. As you travel, listen to your driver-guide narrating about spa town of Karlovy Vary. More hours of staying are possible by your request. Learn more about private day trip to Karlovy Vary






Day Trip from Prague to Vienna, Dresden, Budapest, etc


The location of the Czech Republic in Central Europe and its compactness permits getting to neighbor countries in just 1-3 hours. T&A Transfers offers private transfers and sightseeing trips from Prague to Dresden, Vienna and other European cities. A luxury black Mercedes will pick you up at your hotel at the previously agreed time. We guarantee safe, quick and fully comfortable transfer to any destination.



If your time in Prague is limited, make use of T&A Transfers private day trips. Thanks to private chauffeur service your experience of visiting Prague and other places of the Czech Republic will be entire pleasure. We promise that!




Why to Use Private Chauffeur Service for Sightseeing Trips from Prague


Everyone who is not familiar with private chauffeur service think of it as a super costy thing created for companies and businessmen and not affordable for families or single tourists. The reality is far more pleasant. If you sum up all the expenses of planning your sightseeing trips on your own, including multiple transfers, trains, buses or even renting a car and filing it up with gasoline, you’ll be negatively surprised. Instead consider all-inclusive private transfers with a personal chauffeur at T&A Transfers. Experienced personnel of the company will arrange every step of your excursion trip and will take into consideration your personal wishes and requirements.


With T&A Transfers arranging your excursion tours around Prague or excursion trips from Prague to other attractions you get the following benefits:



  • Individual route planning. You don’t have to put up with standard excursion schedule and stroll around the attractions in crowds of tourists. We will plan an excursion route based on your individual wishes.


  • Time saving. No need to book a train or a bus, to search for transfers to go from one place of interest to another. Instead you’ll spend saved time on enjoying the beauty of the Czech Republic.


  • Personal driver-guide. Your driver has deep knowledge of places to visit and will guide you through the sights in well-spoken English. Not a single worthy place of interest will skip from you.


  • Comfortable Mercedes car. We believe that a comfortable car is a must for long sightseeing trips. We guarantee you maximum comfort in our luxury Mercedes. Choose E-class for individual or family rides and V-class for bigger groups up to 6 people. 


  • Free WiFi, A/C, bottled water, etc. In our understanding the feeling of comfort implies not only a high-class car but also free WiFi, phone charger, fresh bottled water in the car. All of this will make your trip even more enjoyable and relaxed.


  • Availability 24/7. Hiring T&A Transfers executive car for your day trip from Prague you can choose any time of departure, staying and return by your wish. Your personal chauffeur will be available for you around the clock.


  • Included waiting time. Once arrived to a place of interest, feel free to take a stroll or visit a local restaurant. Your chauffeur will be waiting for you as long as needed right at the entrance. Everything for your comfort!



As you see, visiting Prague and neighbor tourist attractions becomes much more comfortable and easier with professionals. You just enjoy the traveling with your family, friends or colleagues.