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Private Day trip to Kutná Hora

Explore and feel the spirit of one of the most unusual and conceptual places of the Czech Republic with VIP sightseeing tour from T&A Transfers. We would like to provide exclusive day trip from Prague to Kutná Hora. A personal chauffeur in exclusive Mercedes car will take you from Prague to Kutná Hora fast and comfortably. Six hours at the destination will let you see the city following your own itinerary. Need more hours? Just agree it on site.

Situated in the Central Bohemian Region of Bohemia, Kutná Hora developed as a result of the exploitation of the silver mines. Even the name of the city origins from the Czech word “mining”. In the medieval epoch Kutná Hora turned into a royal city endowed with monuments that symbolized its prosperity. The city competed with Prague in economic and cultural fields.

Among the most famous sights of Kutná Hora there are the church of St Barbara, a jewel of the late Gothic period, and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec, which was restored in line with the Baroque taste. These masterpieces today form part of a peculiar medieval core with some particularly fine private dwellings that are definitely worth seeing. Within your day trip from Prague to Kutná Hora you will see unique sights.

Did you know?

Kutná Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Must see

  •    Church of St. Barbara (Chrám Svaté Barbory)
  •    Church of Our Lady (Chrám Nanebevzetí Panny Marie)
  •    Sedlec Ossuary (Sedlecká kostnice)
  •    Jesuit College (Jezuitská kolej)
  •    Italian Court (Vlašský dvůr)
  •    Marian column (Morový sloup)