3 Best Private Day Trips From Prague



By 1st of March, we partnered with Prague tours by Lenka and their amazing guides to level up our Day trips. We used the experience of both companies to bring you 3 most popular day trips from Prague. And why did we choose these 3 trips? Not only because our customers love them but also because our famous Bohemian ancestors as kings, dukes, aristocrats, composers, painters and other important personalities of the Czech history knew why to settle down in those areas.

The reason that made them pick as their places to live particularly these towns was the beauty of nature, strategic location near the rivers and that hasn't changed since those times. The natural and historical landscape remains untouched up to the present days. To maximally enjoy your day trip we use our high luxury cars so you could travel in the highest comfort. For the travelers who want to learn about the destinations more in-depth, we recommend you a professional and fun tour guide. The combination of the professional driver, car service and guide can enable you to get the most of your experience and maximize the time spent in the destination.

Life is short, so let's start our Czech adventure.



Private Day trip to Český Krumlov


Český Krumlov belongs to the UNESCO heritage and it is one of the places where you can feel like stepping back in time. While walking the cobblestone streets  of this fairy tale town you can simply imagine how the princesses and kings used to walk around. From the very moment you enter into the town of Cesky Krumlov you can easily forget you live in 2019. And where all the magic came from? The town owes it to its unique natural topography created by a meander of the river overlooked by the 16th-century castle on the top.

The origins of the town date back to 13th century when most of the castles of Bohemia started to be built. The twisted and narrow streets will take you back to the Middle Ages. All of this architecture could have been lost but the historical evolution played into hands of Český Krumlov. The last powerful noble family living in Český Krumlov chose as their seat a different castle in Southern Bohemia. Therefore they focused all their construction activities in there and the town of Cesky Krumlov remained untouched.

Český Krumlov is a great starting gate to other Southern Bohemian towns and holiday destinations. We highly recommend you to stay in Český Krumlov overnight because it is when all the tourists leave and the town remains empty that you can really feel its charms.


What you can expect


During the trip, you will visit the Český Krumlov castle and its vast garden and while walking downhill the castle interiors can be visited. The guided tour with the local castle guide takes about 1 hour and among other things will show you the furniture that was actually used in the castle. Rennaisance amazingly preserved frescos and a Roccoco chapel can also be seen inside. On the way to the Český Krumlov center, the little town Latrán cannot be missed. Latrán is a charming area below the castle with the Medieval burger houses decorated with Rennaissance frescos from the 16th century.

This town is absolutely perfect for photographing. After crossing the wooden bridge, which is a connection between Latrán and the town center, you will head to main square and the gothic church of Saint Vitus. The interior of the Saint Vitus church represents an example of late Gothic architecture with masterpieces of Barrock style such as the main altar. Or you can easily just get lost in the tiny curved streets, absorb the atmosphere and enjoy shopping in the local artisan's shops.


Why book this trip with guide


This town is part of UNESCO world heritage and is full of history. Having a guide can make a real difference. Everywhere you look there is a building with a unique architecture and you will desire to enter more in depth into its beauty and understand the stories and details behind it. Only an experienced guide can explain you the context hidden behind. Therefore, a company of a knowledgeable tour guide can be more than welcomed.

The best tour guides are able to take you to off the beaten paths to avoid the crowds. The town of Český Krumlov is really very photo-friendly so you can use a hand of an expert in picking the best photo spots. Bring back home unique photos capturing the best moments of your visit!






What clients say

The clients especially enjoy the unique architecture, well-preserved castle interiors, and the original landscape.




Private Day trip to Karlovy Vary


The incarnation of spa elegance, imposing colonnades, exclusive spa buildings, and a wonderful layout in the heart of a forested valley, this is what makes the town of Karlovy Vary an ideal spot for your vacation. Karlovy Vary was founded back in the 14th century by the famous Czech king Charles IV. „Vary“ means „boiling waters“ and it was the mineral springs that gave the town the name. Its most world renown history started in 18th century when the town was visited by the Russian car Peter the Great. His visit brought in the town many famous visitors such as painters, European aristocrats, and composers.

Karlovy Vary has welcomed such figures as Goethe, Beethoven, Gogol, Paganini, Casanova, and Mozart. All of these were enjoying the spa treatments, walking around the spa colonnades while drinking the curative mineral waters. Thanks to its beautiful architecture it is one the most visited spa towns in the world. The architectural styles that you can expect are very rich, it is a mixture of the styles from the 19th century.

The current shape of the town was formed by many natural disasters, therefore, the older architecture wasn't preserved. That doesn't take away anything from the town beauty though - the splendid combination of style creates a unique architectural jewel that inspired many architects around the world. For example, the famous architect le Corbusier described Karlovy Vary as „a meeting of the whipped cream cakes“.



What you can expect


You can take a walk through Karlovy Vary, walk around the famous collonades where you stop and taste the healing mineral waters. For those who want to experience the glassmaking procedure, it is possible to visit the famous crystal factory Moser. In this factory, you can witness the glass blowing by the real glass masters. In case of deep interest, a detailed VIP tour of the factory can be arranged and then you would see the also the edging and other decorative procedures.

Due to the beautiful countryside, there are many hiking paths that you can also follow to see the views from the lookout towers. And if you want to step back in the time of the medieval castles and history, you can visit a nearby town Loket, situated only 15 minutes away from Karlovy Vary.


Why book this trip with a guide


The trip to Karlovy Vary is a place with lots of hidden treasures. You can walk around the famous collonades to taste the mineral waters but also can discover hidden gems as the funicular with the gorgeous views into the countryside. Another hidden gems is the town Loket where you can forget the present and travel back with time and feel like in the middle age in the 12th-century castle.

The help of a knowledgeable tour guide you can also use to recommend you the best spa facilities and reserve them for you and take you towards the best mineral springs and suggest which are the most convenient ones for you to try.






What clients say


The clients love about Karlovy Vary the architectural styles and also the nice location surrounded by the mountains that are bringing into the town the fresh air which is a part of the free of charge treatment☺ The ones who have tried the spa services, appreciate the number of available spa treatments in one place and also the variety of the mineral waters.




Private Day trip to Kutna Hora


Kutná hora, in other words, called „national treasury“ is a town that worths a visit. Thanks to the local rich silver mines Kutná hora grew into Bohemia´s second most important town in the middle ages. Its beginning can be dated back to the 13th century and deserves being listed to the UNESCO heritage since 1996.

Compared to many other popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic, it is a quiet place where you can easily be just on your own. Kutná hora shines as an architectural jewel with an amazingly preserved town center. Moreover, the historic built-up area, formed by the finest architectural works from the Gothic and Baroque period is impressively linked to a picturesque surrounding landscape that can be admired from several viewpoints in the town.



What you can expect


While walking along the old cobble stone streets you can visit the Italian court – the former coin mint and temporary seat of the Czech kings in the 15th century. In the former mint is possible to experience a coining presentation and see the original silver coins.

The imposing late-gothic Cathedral of Saint Barbara is a place not to miss. The construction started in the 14th century and its unique vaulting and roof became an inseparable symbol of the town. To an important dominant of the town belongs also the former Jesuit college with the front terrace offering a gorgeous view of the town and decorated by unique open-air gallery of the Barrock statues of saints. This gallery of saints is often compared to the Prague Charles bridge but in the case of the Kutná hora „ bridge“, the crowds are missing.

The former college building currently houses the art gallery of Central Bohemia GASK where there are several hidden gems as the art history timeline that also deserves your attention. One of the most curious sights in the town is the Sedlec Bone church decorated by bones of about 40 000 human beings skeletons. For the architecture buffs, also the visit to the nearby cathedral of the Assumption can be very tempting. These two places you can ideally visit at the end of the day before leaving to Prague as they are situated outside of the town center.



Why book this trip with a guide


Immerse yourself into the rich history of the town using the expertize of a knowledgeable and experienced guide. Most of the visitors visit just the Bone church and Saint Barbaras cathedral but there is much more – a real jewel is the well-preserved town center with the Gothic stone houses and you can easily miss them being just on your own.  

The guide gives a sense to your visit while giving you the background of all the treasures you will see around and helps you to „get lost“ in the medieval beauty and forget about the present.






What clients say


Kutná hora visitors appreciate the loneliness of the town and that they can discover the medieval beauty without being pushed by the crowds. Many tourists know Kutná hora as a town with the „Bone church“ but after our expert guiding they realize how many other interesting sights there are in Kutná hora. The royal treasury coins striking presentation they rank among an unexpected highlight of their trip.





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