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“I used T&A services several times already for trips to different cities of the Czech Republic. And once I stayed for a weekend in Austria and had to go home to Prague I didn’t hesitate to what company I shall address. I booked a private car from Sal...more

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“I used this service and found it perfect. The driver was professional, punctual. Well-priced. A good value for my trip experience.”

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“We booked a private transfer from Salzburg to Prague last week and we were really impressed so I decided to write a short feedback as our thanks. The driver was already waiting for us when we went out. He helped with luggage and even opened the door...more

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Private Transfer from Salzburg to Prague


Intercountry trips are usually the most difficult to arrange. So to avoid this headache, make use of booking a chauffeured private car from Salzburg to Prague at T&A Transfers. The simple process of online booking allows you to make a trip relaxed, successful and well-planned.

Based in Prague, T&A Transfers transport company has good experience in arranging a private transfer from Salzburg to Prague and back. To your choice, we offer top-class Mercedes cars. A suited English-speaking chauffeur perfectly knows the route and will plan it in advance to make sure that you will arrive in time.

Taking a chauffeured private car from Salzburg to Prague is highly useful both for businessmen and casual travelers. If you go to a conference or a meeting, you get a perfect chance to prepare, read or simply relax in a comfortable Mercedes backseat. While family travelers will surely be happy to avoid crowds and transport switches with kids and bags at hands. Book a private transfer from Salzburg to Prague and get all these benefits!


Top Recommendations for Prague Visitors


If you are booking a private car from Salzburg to Prague, you might be interested in different ways of pastime in the Prague city. A short tourist guide below includes most prominent places that reveal both historical and cultural aspect of the Prague life:


Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) is number one for any tourist. It’s recognized to be the largest castle complex in the world. At past it served as a home to Bohemia’s kings, and nowadays as a residence of the president of the Czech Republic is located there. This significant place, which is stunningly beautiful, includes the Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Powder Tower, the St. George’s Basilica and the Golden Lane. Explore the place in the daytime, and then enjoy the view onto the Castle at night when rich illumination makes it the highlight of the city.

Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) is a true masterpiece dated back to 1357. Being 621 meters long it was the major crossing point between two banks of the river. The bridge starts and ends with the towers - Lesser Quarter Bridge Towers at the north and Old Town Bridge Tower at the south. 32 statues of saints along both sides of the bridge make it a true museum in the open air. Again, Charles Bridge is worth seeing both in the daytime and at night. 

The National Museum (Národní Muzeum) is the oldest museum in the Czech Republic open in 1800s. It was lately renovated, and now offers to visitors’ attention a rich collection of historical items with millions of zoological, entomological, mineralogical, archaeological and anthropological artefacts. Music and arts is also represented here. Special attention is usually attracted to Roman artifacts of the 1st and 2nd centuries. 

The Clementinum (Klementinum) is a series of historical buildings in the Prague center there used to serve as Jesuit College. Now there is the National Library of the Czech Republic with a vast collection of books - more than 6 million items. All the buildings of the Clementinum are built in the Baroque style, which makes them so exquisite and attractive. Among all the buildings it’s worth mentioning the Mirror Chapel, the Astronomical Tower with a fabulous view over the city and the Library Hall with spectacular ceiling artworks. Except for its primary purpose, the Clementinum is also used a venue for classical and jazz concerts, cultural events and festivals.

Prague is the city that cannot be explored in one day, and the above-mentioned sights are just a peak of an iceberg. So if you have a chance to stay in Prague some longer, make use of this opportunity to see how relaxing, vivid and friendly it is for its visitors.