Conditions of Bookings and Our Guarantee

These are the commercial terms and conditions of Trip & Airport transfers s.r.o (T&A)., with registered office at Jelínkova 1878 , postal code: 356 01, Czech Republic, company-IdNr.: CZ05069998, website: .

A Customer who will use services of Trip & Airport transfers s.r.o (T&A)., with registered office at Jelínkova 1878 , postal code: 356 01, Czech Republic, company-IdNr.: CZ05069998, fully accepts these commercial terms and by signing his purchase order or contract or by approving the confirmed purchase order/booking he declares his express approval of these commercial terms to which the purchase order or transport contract refers. A Customer who does not agree with these terms and conditions is not entitled to make any contractual document or online booking with the Company.

Unless otherwise agreed, all transport services (or intermediation of these services) are exclusively provided by registered taxis without a taximeter according to Act No 111/1994 Coll., on road transport, according to Sec. 21 par. 4 on the basis of a prior written contract, and for multi-seat vehicles with a capacity of more than 9 persons, including the driver, as occasional road passenger transport.

Basic Terms

Company – The Company is the carrier or carrier agent, Trip & Airport transfers s.r.o (T&A)., with registered office at Jelínkova 1878 , postal code: 356 01, Czech Republic, company-IdNr.: CZ05069998, that ensures the transport and other services on the basis of these commercial terms and conditions.

Customer – A person or company that uses the Company’s services on the basis of a purchase order or contract.

Service/transport – Transport itself or transport intermediation, travel services, or other services for a Customer provided or intermediated by the Company.

Driver – A Driver is an employee of Trip & Airport transfers s.r.o. or a contractual driver for whom Trip & Airport transfers s.r.o. intermediates a transport service.

Compensation Guarantee

If the Company has failed to pick the Customer up at the agreed time due to unforeseeable circumstances that it was unfortunately impossible to influence in any way, or due to the Company’s fault, the Customer can ask for compensation for the inconveniences caused according to the mentioned commercial terms and conditions.

Method of Placing Purchase Orders

We ensure all services on the basis of purchase orders in advance. Purchase orders can be placed online on our website or also by e-mail, over the telephone, or by sending an SMS. A contract on the basis of which services are provided by the Company for a Customer is created on the basis of the binding confirmation of the purchase order. The confirmation of a telephone or SMS purchase order is regarded as binding when made by sending an SMS and the confirmation of an e-mail purchase order or of a purchase order placed via the website is regarded as binding when made by e-mail (the acknowledgement of receipt of a purchase order in the system is not regarded as binding until the purchase order/booking is confirmed by the Company). A purchase order (or a part thereof) confirmed by the Company is regarded as binding on both parties if the terms and conditions agreed at the time of confirmation are not breached. The essential conditions are regarded to be especially the content of the purchase order (the precise specification of transport and of the number of persons to be transported), the price of transport, the method of payment, and the time of execution.


In cash

When transfer or another service is paid for in cash, the Driver or representative of the Company accepts only Czech crowns (CZK) and currencies that are British pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), American dollars (USD). Cash payments in foreign currencies are based on the current Czech crown exchange rate on the day of transport determined by the Company, and not on the exchange rate that was current on the day of booking.

By payment/credit card

If a Customer pays by debit or credit card online or directly the Driver or representative of the Company, the payment can be made in the following currencies – CZK, EUR, GBP, and USD and by cards the logos of which are shown on the website of the Company. If a Customer pays online in advance and the Driver or representative of the Company is informed about the payment, it is not necessary to print a notice of payment etc., for example.

By bank transfer

A payment against an invoice (by bank transfer) is only possible on request. The Company may require that a pro-forma invoice is paid before a purchase order is executed; failing that, the Company is entitled to cancel the purchase order. Invoices can only be issued in the following currencies – CZK, EUR, USD, or GBP. For invoices issued for foreign customers with a transport price of less than CZK 5,000, the Company is entitled to charge a handling fee of CZK 200 for the receipt of the foreign payment.

Tax Document; Acknowledgement of Receipt of Payment

For payments made directly to the Driver (by payment/credit card or in cash), the Driver will give the Customer an acknowledgement of receipt of payment (usually a simplified tax document) on the day of transport. For payments made online on the website of the Company, an acknowledgement of receipt of the advance payment (deposit) for the service ordered will be sent to the Customer. The final tax document for an advance payment (deposit) made online is issued by the Company upon request. If a Customer pays against an invoice (by bank transfer), the invoice is issued by the Company and the price includes VAT. If a document is issued directly by the contractual Driver, the tax document include VAT. All the prices given by the Company are final and include VAT.

Method of Payment for the Return Journey

If a booking includes the return journey or a higher number of journeys, the Customer can either pay the total amount at once or pay for each journey separately. The Driver will give a Customer a notice of payment / voucher, stating the exact amount paid. If both journeys have been paid, the Customer will submit the notice of payment / voucher to the Driver on the return journey.

Advance Payments

For purchase orders where the picking up point is outside Prague and purchase orders mainly for larger groups, the Company may require the payment of a deposit that must be made at least 24 hours before the determined time of picking up. In such cases the Company will inform the Customer of the necessity of paying a deposit and of the possible method of payment. In case a required deposit is not paid, the Company is entitled to cancel the purchase order with no compensation.

Changes in a Booking and Conditions of Cancellation

Usual transport (transfers)

If a Customer wants to change or cancel his booking for some reason, the Customer can do this using the interface of the website of the Company –, by sending an e-mail, or over the telephone before departure – at least two hours before the time of picking up. If a Customer has already paid for transport and cancelled the transport within the required time limit, the Company will give him all the money back or will not invoice for the service.

Transport with the picking up point outside Prague or Hourly Booking

Changes to and cancellation of transfers having a picking up point other than in Prague or hourly booking are subject to different conditions of cancellation. A cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the planned time of picking up, otherwise the Company charges a 100 % cancellation fee. The reason for applying a 100 % cancellation fee is that all costs have been expended on the already-ordered and not cancelled transport by the Company.

Refund; Compensation

If a Customer has cancelled a service prepaid online and has the right to have the money returned, the money will be automatically returned to the card that was used when the purchase order was paid. Otherwise, all claims for the return of money and claims for damages, if any, must be made in writing or by e-mail within 30 days. After the lapse of this time limit the Customer has no claim for the return of money (compensation). Any complaint of a Customer will however be properly disposed of also in this case. The compensation of any damage/inconvenience caused is limited to a maximum amount that is equal to the price of the transport for individual booking but does not exceed an amount of CZK 2,000.


In the case of any problem, the following procedure for handling complaints must be followed. If a Customer wants to make a claim for damages, the Company must be informed immediately about the situation that has arisen in the case of any problem. In case a Customer cannot find his Driver or has any other problem with a particular service ordered, he contacts the Company immediately over the telephone using the stated telephone number. If a problem is not solved immediately or to the required extent, the Customer informs the Company of this fact by e-mail or in writing and gives all details concerning the complaint. Then the complaint will be investigated as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

Obligations of the Customer

A Customer is obligated to behave according to the Driver’s instructions during the transport and in general to observe the applicable safety regulations for the transport. A Customer notes that he has been notified of all circumstances, including the safety regulations, before the execution of the transport. A Customer also undertakes not to damage the carrier’s equipment and transport spaces in any way, and to keep it clean. A Customer is aware of his liability for damage that he causes to the Company or ordered carrier due to the Customer’s behaviour if the mentioned obligations are breached. Furthermore, a Customer is obligated to start the journey at the agreed start time, with the exception of cases when factors outwith his control prevent this, such as the reasons mentioned above.

Validity of the Commercial Terms and Conditions

These commercial terms and conditions are valid for an indefinite term starting on 1st March 2016. If these terms and conditions are changed, as reserved by the Company, the commercial terms and conditions in the version valid at the time when the contract was signed or the valid purchase order was sent are binding on the Customer.

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