See entire Prague in one Day with Hourly Chauffeur Service

Countless splendid views of breathtaking castles and domes churches, narrow laneways and spectacular squares, best historic city center throughout Europe – this is all about Prague, nicknamed the “city of thousand spires”. Not in vain the city had been a former capital of Holy Roman Empire for centuries. And nowadays Prague has managed to become important political, cultural, historic and commercial center worth of visiting and enjoying.


Once you get to Prague, you feel stunned by its beauty. And the best thing you can do within your one day in Prague itinerary is visiting all the major sights of the city, which are numerous. So which ones to choose if you have just one day in Prague?




Top 10 Prague Sights for One day in Prague Itinerary


Tastes differ but when it comes to the beauty of the Czech Republic’s capital, most locals and experienced travelers are unanimous. Basing on them we give you top 10 must-see places to visit in Prague in one day:



1. Old Town Square & Hall Tower. One of the best places for starting one day tour in Prague, the historic center of the city highlighted with 15th-century astronomical clock. 


2. Prague Castle. Originally built as a walled fortress, it was Bohemia’s kings home. And today it’s the official residence of the Czech Republic's President. At the castle area there are Prague's most popular sights such as St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal Palace, the Royal Garden and the Golden Lane.


3. Charles Bridge. 32 unique points of interest within 520-meter span make it one of the most recognizable old bridges in Europe. Once there, you’ll be impressed by the fabulous view over the River Vltava.


4. The Clementinum and the National Library. The Clementinum is the chain of historic buildings in splendid Baroque style. Home to the National Library of the Czech Republic. Once here be sure to visit famous Library Hall with exquisite ceiling artwork, magnificent Mirror Chapel and colossal Astronomical Tower.


5. St. Vitus Cathedral. Seat of the Archbishop of Prague, it's the Czech Republic's largest and most important Christian church. If you go up to the main 97-meter church tower, you’ll see the most spectacular city panorama.


6. The Vyšehrad fortress. This hilltop fortress standing high above the Vltava River is one of the best places for a stroll or enjoying breathtaking views of the Prague in one day visit.


7. The Jewish Quarter (Josefov). Josefov is a nice area for relaxed walking. It includes the Jewish Museum, the Spanish Synagogue, the Maisel Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Ceremonial Hall and the Klaus Synagogue.


8. Wenceslas Square. Your perfect day in Prague must include Wenceslas Square. This is the place where most fateful event for the Czech Republic started. Wide, beautiful, highlighted with the National Museum, it’s worth visiting.


9. The Dancing House. Consisting of two adjoining towers, the Dancing House has become Prague's most outstanding modern architectural creation. Top floor restaurant is recommended to enjoy the view and atmosphere.


10. Petirn Hill & Lookout Tower. See miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower staying on Petirn Hill. The 63-meter tower offers beautiful panoramic views of Prague.



Prague Old Town Sq.




Prague Castle



How to visit more places in Prague spending less time?


The principal trouble and headache for day tours in Prague is transport. The ways of moving among city sights include 4 main means:


  • Walking. Doubtlessly, this is the best way to enjoy the city center. And in some places like Charles Bridge walking is the only option because vehicles there are prohibited. However, imagine yourself walking all day long, especially across cobblestones or up and down hills – looks impossible. So any transport is highly recommended for getting from one tourist attraction to another.


  • By public transport. As in any other city, public transport is the cheapest way. At your disposal you have buses, trams and metro. Public transport in Prague is well-developed but, unfortunately, inclined to constant route changes and cancellations due to construction or maintenance works. So planning your one day tour in Prague by public transport, have a backup plan.


  • In taxi. Reasonable cost, quickness and going to any destination are major advantages of Prague taxis. In any tourist attraction you will easily find a car. Sadly, taxi service in tourist areas is prone to rip-off drivers, especially late at night.


  • With hourly chauffeur service. Few people consider private transfers for day tours in Prague, and this is a huge mistake. The cost of hourly chauffeur service in Prague is comparable to taxis. And the service level differs tremendously. You get an English-speaking driver, the possibility to follow personal itinerary, comfortable executive car and other pleasant bonuses. Suits for single travelers, friends, families, businessmen and companies.




Why to choose T&A Transfers for Your One Day in Prague?


The sights of Prague are so multiple that visiting them all in one day sounds near to impossible. Especially if you rely on public transport or your own feet. The only way to fulfill your plan of visiting all Prague attractions from your must-see list is hiring a chauffeured car.

The major Prague hourly chauffeur service T&A Transfers will guarantee you a perfect day in Prague. If you value comfort and want to get most of your short visit to the city, T&A Transfers is the best company for you during your one day in Prague. No need to walk long distances with a map in your hands. No crowds during peak hours in metro or buses. No need to use a phrasebook with a driver. With T&A Transfers we take care of road difficulties making your day tour in Prague joyful and pleasant.


For your trip feel free to choose a Mercedes car from our fleet by your preference. We offer you Mercedes cars of E-class, S-Class, GLS and V-Class for bigger groups. Your driver with perfect English and thorough knowledge of the city will not only drive you to a destination but also tell you about the places you are going to. Waiting time at sights is included. Also, if you want to make changes in your route, no problem, just agree it with a driver on spot.


We value safety, comfort and your time. If you entrust your one day in Prague itinerary to T&A Transfers, you’ll get best impressions of the place and will return here again to relive that perfect day!