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“Our family used T&A three times on our visit to the Czech Republic and every time it was exceptional. Our driver, Milos, was a true gentleman. His knowledge of the route and cities, his driving skills and attention to safety - all made a trip perfec...more

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“We went in a private taxi from Berlin to Prague for the weekend and then back home. We used this service both ways. They are very reliable, and have clean comfortable cars. Thanks!”

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“Lovely drivers both ways (to and from Prague), very clean new Mercedes cars and the drivers were waiting for me at the entrance when I came out. Very punctual and reliable service from T&A. My best recommendation!”

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Private Taxi from Berlin to Prague


Traveling between German and Czech capitals is popular lately. So planning such a trip it’s essential to select a suitable transfer method. A shuttle bus or train requires much efforts when you carry bags to a station, then wait for your trip and spend hours in crowded transport. A regular taxi from Berlin to Prague is not a solution because a rare driver agrees for an intercountry ride, or a final bill will be impressive. So the best of all the possible options is to take a private taxi from Berlin to Prague.

T&A Transfers is a VIP transport company based in Prague. Among our services there are daily trips to the Czech and other EU cities. You choose a premium Mercedes of S,V, E-class or GLS for 1 to 6 passengers. A suited professional chauffeur arrives to your address at the agreed time, helps with luggage and cares about all road obstacles for you. In a Mercedes taxi from Berlin to Prague you will enjoy comfortable leather seats, A/C, a phone charger, free WiFi and other benefits that will make your trip relaxing and enjoyable.

Book a private taxi from Berlin to Prague at T&A Transfers to avoid unpleasant road nuances and fully enjoy every minute of your road!



Your Food Guide on Czech Cuisine


The unanimous part of visiting another country is tasting national cuisine. And Czech cuisine is famous for being perfectly delicious. Here are the most popular traditional dishes:


Pickled Sausages. Similar to Frankfurter version, sliced open, with crispy onions and some herbs. Its taste is a cross between a pickled onion and a hot dog.

Goulash. It’s impossible to visit Prague without trying goulash. Herb-flavored and rich in taste, goulash is chunks of stewed beef in thick meat sauce. Shredded onion on top is an option. Goulash is number one for locals and tourists, perfect for warming up.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts. The dish has some German twist with local cuisine influence. Chicken breasts are perfectly grilled with fillings from cheese, ham or mushrooms and parsley. Yummy fireworks of flavors!

Roasted pork. In every Czech menu you will for sure find Vepřo knedlo zelo. Fabulously tender roasted pork in flavory sauce is served with dumplings and sauerkraut. Goes perfectly with beer, of course. Try it by all means! 

Bacon dumplings. Incredibly yummy adding to a meal with European heritage, bacon dumplings, named in Czech houskový knedlík, is a bread-like ball with bacon nuggets in it. Recommended to try accompanied with pork sauce and perhaps a slice of pork itself. 

Sirloin Beef in Cream Sauce. Doubtlessly, one of the most popular Czech dishes is Svíčková. Tender slices of sirloin beef spiced with herbs and black pepper and in a double cream sauce. Every Czech cook and even every housewife have their own “best recipes”.

Pork knee. Experience a pork knee - vepřové koleno - a huge dish with a pig leg. Maybe it looks not like a dish from a “haute cuisine”, but it’s incredibly tasty. The meat is really tender and easily peels off the bones.

Fried Cheese. Can be compared with a hash brown, smaženy syr (fried cheese) represents slices of cheese fried in bread crumbs. In the result, we get a crispy golden coat with melting cheese filling. Just note that fried cheese is not a side dish, it usually goes with french fries and tartar sauce. 

Chimney cake. Better known as Trdelnik, it’s a tasty creamy pastry perfect for accompanying a cup of coffee. Trdelnik is a tight spiral of dough filled with nutella, jam, chocolate spread or even ice cream. Did you know that trdelnik is not a traditional Czech food, even remotely, but it has turned to be the most famous and beloved pastry in the entire country.


Planning your trip to the Czech Republic, contact T&A to book a private taxi from Berlin to Prague and enjoy a perfect trip without hassle and trouble.