270 EUR
7000 CZK


What is included?

  • Individual itinerary by your plan
  • 6-hours at the destination
  • Private exclusive Mercedes with chauffeur
  • Free WiFi in the car
  • Fresh bottled water

Must see

  • Egon Schiele Art Centrum
  • Castle and Monastery of Kuklov
  • Castle Museum
  • Český Krumlov State Castle
  • Český Krumlov Monasteries

Day trip from Prague to Český Krumlov

Feel the noble atmosphere of ancient castles of the Czech Republic by visiting Český Krumlov, located in the South Bohemian Region. T&A car chauffeur service will arrange day trip from Prague to Český Krumlov in a premium class Mercedes with a personal chauffeur. Make use of a 6 -hour tour around the most famous places of the Český Krumlov city. Extra hours can also be agreed individually by your wish.

The small city of Český Krumlov is famous by ancient and beautiful Český Krumlov Castle, built upon a deep gap in the rock with a large rococo garden and an extensive bridge. The castle itself is a reflection of different periods of time which have left their imprints in its history and look.

Český Krumlov hosts a number of festivals and other events each year. Plan your day trip from Prague to Český Krumlov during a carnival, art or music festival, and you’ll get incredible emotions and feel unprecedented atmosphere of the place. Those who love performances will appreciate the Open- Air Theatre with the Revolving Auditorium. Old Český Krumlov is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majesty of which is definitely worth seeing with own eyes.

Did you know?

The historic center of Český Krumlov was recognized to be a Unesco World Heritage. Also Pivovar Eggenberg brewery in Český Krumlov was used as filming locations for movies The Illusionist and Hostel.

Mercedes E-Class

max. 3

max. 3

Mercedes V-Class

max. 6

max. 6